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You are looking for this snowman.  It might be really big…it might be really small.  Some of them might not even have arms or the nose.
I even added a huggable one to the hunter’s group…if you are interested. 🙂

See you Saturday and Happy Hunting!

The Seasons Hunt:  January 15, 2011-January 29, 2011.
This round for the Seasons Hunt you will be looking for a snowman.   Inside of the snowman will be a winter related hunt item. Also, there is no specific order to this hunt either. Hunters can begin at any location and jump around as they choose.

For updates you can read them via blog:

Or you may join the group inworld.  It will be a very unmoderated group.  Just a group for people to help each other find items.
Please look for the group:  The Seasons Hunt(ers) Group.

Hallie ❤


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